You are guided. You are loved. You are home.

You’re sitting in the doctor’s office waiting room, again. It’s been an hour and you know it won’t be your turn for awhile. You watch the other patients waiting, not so patiently, for their turn to get called…knowing they’ll spend another hour waiting for their 7 minutes with the doctor.

As you mindlessly flip through the pages of that year old Better Homes magazine, you wonder…“Why am I here…again? The last time I was here, did it help? Did my doctor help me or offer me any reason as to why I might have this chronic pain or fatigue (beyond genetics or bad luck)? When I leave this place, do I feel better…hopeful…loved?”

Sure, you’ve gotten a diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia or Rheumatoid Arthritis or Depression or Anxiety or IBS or Migraines…and you felt relieved for a little while, thinking, surely if there’s a diagnosis there’s a treatment, right? There might be some pills or a shot you were recommended to take, and maybe you took them.

Did it help? Are you better?

If you’re still sitting in this doctor’s office, probably not. You may have even gone to another health care practitioner or changed your diet for a little while. You may have even been to the chiropractor, massage therapist, acupuncturist, naturopath, and more…and maybe they helped a little or a lot. But why are you still sick? You realize that nothing or very little has actually changed since you got sick. So then the moment comes, inevitably, when you ask yourself, “Well if my doctor can’t help me, and no one else can help me, what the hell do I do?” Do you want the answer? I’m going to give it to you…

Get real. Get real with yourself.

You are the ONLY one who has the power to heal that headache, the pain, digestive issue, to have more energy in your body….ONLY YOU! Stop looking outside of yourself for healing, for ANYTHING. It’s not there. The answers are not OUT THERE, they’re IN HERE (pointing emphatically to you).

This doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help from other people and doctors and your priest and take vitamins and eat nutritious food, of course these things can be essential and helpful, but it’s not the whole story. If it were, you’d be better already, right?

So, what’s missing? YOU!!! You not getting real with yourself. You not loving yourself enough to get real with yourself. Do it. Now. Stop going to doctor after doctor and therapist after therapist, taking supplement after supplement; looking at everyone and everything else for the answers and healing, except for inside of you. Just get real.

Ask yourself, “What do I need to heal?” “Body, what do you NEED to heal?” “Spirit, what do you need to heal?” The answers are there, inside of you! You just have to get quiet enough to listen.

Stop distracting yourself with everyone else’s needs and the TV and radio and ANY other excuse to not GET REAL…and start looking inside for the answers. There’s this beautiful golden room of everything you want and need to know, but unless you ask the questions and then listen for the answers, you’ll never know.

Ask, listen, and trust. You have to trust the answers that come from your heart, from your inner knowing. If it feels like the truth, then it is. Get out of your head and into your heart.

Only you can heal yourself and your life. Only you. Trust yourself.


Maybe no one has ever mentioned that, but you are. So believe it. It’s true. What I’m saying to you right now is MY inner knowing.

Get quiet and ask the questions you’re scared to ask. The ones that keep you up at night…. “Why am I always tired?” ”Should I quit my job? “Should I stay with him?” “Why do I have CFS?” “Why am I not happy?”

You are powerful enough to heal your body and create your life. Stop being afraid to live the life your soul wants you to live. The fear is a lie, it’s not who you are. That feeling of knowing, that tiny little light inside when you have a thought of something that makes you feel good or feels right, that’s the truth. Follow that. Even if it scares the crap out of you. Even if you have NO idea what it means to follow it. Just take one small step at a time. One tiny leap forward is all you need to do.

Don’t be afraid. You are held, loved, taken care of, guided, protected. I know this. You are not alone. Not only do millions of other people feel the exact same way you do, you also have countless angels, guides and helpers on the other side who are there for YOU. Specifically there to help and guide YOU. All you have to do is ask.

You know this, somewhere deep inside of you, you know what I’m saying is true. There is a light, a small, soft place that exists, that knows your heart through and through. It’s you. That’s the real you, without the hundred years of collective lies. Other people’s lies and your own…of who you’re suppose to be or what you’re suppose to do. That’s not real.

You ARE the light, you ARE that soft place where the light gets in. Feed it and it will grow. Nourish the light and you will soon shine like the brilliant powerful being that you are.

Heal yourself from anything, from everything, and watch your life blossom in technicolor.

Yes, it may be bone dragging and heart wrenching and gut crushing to come out of that darkness. You may have to claw your way out, bit by bit, in spite of your family or the life you’ve created so far…but keep going, the more you go the more light will shine right through you. And soon you’ll see the fields of lilies and that sweet golden shore…soon you will see the sky again for what it is… another extension of you and your brilliance.

You will swim beneath the stars that are shining just for you, that are you, that are everything, and you will find yourself whispering sweet nothings to yourself over and over, and then again. You will be more in love with yourself than you ever thought possible, and your body and your relationships and your life’s work will all reflect this love back to you so dutifully that you might just cry in pure joy every day, and dance in the moonlight every night.

Are you ready to listen to what your body is saying? Need some help getting real? I’m your woman, this is what I do, this is MY purpose.

I’m Tarah Long, your health and life transformational expert and guide.

You are here because you’re ready to wake up and see the light of your own soul. I am here to guide you there. Don’t worry, it’s okay, I’ve got you. You can release the fear now…of what’s happening in your body and mind, of what will happen, of not ever being well again. You can let it all go now. Relax, breath. Breath into this moment that you are taking for yourself and your healing. I acknowledge you for being here, and for committing to yourself.

Together, we will remind you of the love that you are and have always been. The love that heals everything, even what you think is impossible to heal. It is possible. It’s inevitable, when you return to love. Healing is inevitable, when you return to love…to who you truly are, when you remember your soul, and nourish her.

It is my purpose and pleasure to help you feel better in your body and your life by guiding you to awaken your inner healer. If you are ready to be empowered and LOVE yourself to health, apply for a complimentary Discovery Session (limited spots each month) and we’ll see if working together is a good fit. Absolutely no obligation to you.

In this Discovery Session we will:

  • Explore what message your body is giving you in the form of the health challenge
  • Discover an instant plan of action unique to you to catalyze healing
  • Get one simple step you can do now to feel better and be closer to freedom

Start your healing journey here


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