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Empowered Healing: Awaken Your Inner Healer
I reveal my 5 step Empowered Healing Method to get you on your way to healing yourself naturally


“Intuitive Investigation” 
Use this visualization to explore the message(s) your body is giving you with a health challenge.



“Guided Visualization to Meet Your Guide” 
This 10 minute visualization will introduce you to your main guide in this lifetime. He or she will give you a message that is important for you at this time.




Example of a healing process from the Cell and Organ Regeneration Workbook:

Removing Blocks
This process allows for you to remove any mental, emotional, or spiritual blocks coming from yourself or another. Removing these blocks can enable you to accept healing.

I am in spirit, I am one with the Creator. My healing blesses all of creation.

My intention with this process is to allow healing and transformation into my life.

I go into the past (my soul knows exactly when), to one hour before the first time that an event or decision by another person caused me to give up the freedom to make my own decisions. From that time and place I make a new choice. I will follow the bright and shining path that the Creator and I had planned for me during this lifetime. By changing the past, I change my life now.

My choice for freedom of decision making, now active in my life, allows me to receive healing and transformation, allows me to accept different pathways that help my journey through life, and allows me to reach my full potential.

I illuminate this decision with a light from my soul and fix it with a light from the Creator’s soul, and send it into infinity now.

And so it is.

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